Shower Screen or Frameless Shower Screen? The Choice is Yours


Keeping the house clean and neat all the time takes the toll out of everyone. Every nook and corner of the house has to be cleaned and kept fresh all the time. This includes the bathrooms too.  If the house is huge and there is more than one bathroom then the task of cleaning it becomes even more cumbersome. Imagine a wall splashed with water and soap water all the time and you have the task of cleaning it.

A bathroom is a quiet place where one wants to relax and allow the world to drift away. To create space for you having a shower screen is a very practical choice. The water does not splashland the areas in the bathroom apart from the bathing area are kept dry. The choice can be between framed and frameless shower screens. Framed shower screens can be designed to give form and structure to anchor a shower unit in its bathroom space. The framed shower screens can be customised to the colour scheme of your house.

The screen can be installed on the side of the bathtub hiding the bath tub completely. It can be made in glass and the doors can be made to slide. If one feels claustrophobic then the screen can be placed covering only the shower portion.  The rest of the bath tub can be left open. In case you do not want a glass door screen then there are screens available that can be folded. Once the bath is over they can be folded upwards and clipped to the frame. Even a small bathroom can be made to look spacious this way.

If you are bored of the shower screen which you have been having all these days you can go in for a latest change, i.e. a frameless shower screen. A frameless shower screen is the ultimate statement of luxury in any bathroom. It is elegant and simple in style. There are endless designs and choice depending on your design and operating requirements. It has an enduring elegance.


 Frameless shower screens are designed to enhance the modern look of the bathroom. They can be either a frameless pivot door or sliding door. There are also doors available that swing both in and out.  It is slim and beautiful. Due to its slim perimeter there are no hidden corners. Hence it is easy to clean and maintain. It can be designed based on the customer’s requirement and therefore has design flexibility.  There are establishments that will ensure complete service right from taking measurements to custom manufacture to installing it within the required time. It can be made of glass which is toughened. There are also interchangeable glass panels available.  It can be also made suitable for door less wet area shower. In case you are planning to install one with a Do It Yourself kit there are several available which are standard compliant and there are also shops which sell glass panels and door kits separately.

On the downside, all bathrooms do not have the luxury of unlimited space. In smaller bathrooms pivot doors are not always practical.