Laying Tiles for a Bathroom – Stylish & Economical

One of the most private areas a human being wishes to spend time is in the bathroom. Emotions are poured out in the privacy of the bathroom, be it happiness or anger or sorrow. Now a place which is so important has to have some comforts so that a person can spend time there. Taking a shower is a major activity in this place and some even have a small stool or chair to sit and read without disturbance.

A rough ground in the bathroom will make it difficult for one to walk on it. Added to it is the disadvantage of slipping on the wet or soapy floor. Also if you want to give a classy look to the bathroom then fixing tiles is the best solution.


There are several options available in terms of determining the size of tiles, its colour, and the quality of the tiles. They can be either ceramic or porcelain. Ceramic tiles are tough, beautiful, and enduring. They have a relatively longer life. They are also fire proof, and do not give out toxic fumes or smoke. They do not burn. They are an excellent choice to use in wet areas as they are moisture resistant. They have less than 0.5%moisture absorption rate. They are anti slip which makes them very suitable for use in the bathroom.


It has easy maintenance as they are stain resistant. Therefore cleaning them is easy and thus hygiene is maintained. They are thermal and shock resistant. The colours do not fade either under exposure to sun or remaining in water. As they do not react to chemicals, corrosion of the tiles does not take place. This keeps the tiles forever smooth.

The second most sought after is the porcelain tiles. They give a very elegant and stylish look to the bathroom. Its glaze makes it even more attractive. Porcelain tiles are both harder and denser, than other tiles. It is frost resistant and often frost proof. It is scratch, moisture and stain resistant. As porcelain is a hard wearing material it is resistant to harsher cleaning agents. Has high break strength. Is aesthetically pleasing to the eyes and therefore is more sought after. As it has low water absorption, when laid on floor less staining occurs and hence easier to clean.

Due to its hard and strong quality it is more durable and lasts a long time even after several years of use. Its beauty does not diminish with years and also with many numbers of people walking over it when laid on floor.

Both ceramic tiles and porcelain are equally tough sturdy and useful. But probably ceramic are a little more economical than porcelain. But porcelain tiles have a very long lasting quality. Hence in the long run it will equally workout economical. Both the tiles can be laid on the floor as well fitted on the walls. A little soapy water or a wet wipe is all it takes to clean the tiles.

If you are looking for a Stylish elegant aesthetic durable bathroom then either ceramic or porcelain tiles is the answer.