Small Bathroom Design Ideas

Modern bathroom designs are now the latest trend of renovation which are now considered simple task today than before. Modern bathroom are designed based on concept which matches the interiors of the house. Modern bathroom designs are associated with a style which suits the individual as per the personality and the use of the individual. These are designed by cool colour scheme, with matching mirror glass, paintings that may interest you, with a bathtub to relax. Modern bathroom needs appropriate furniture that matches the decor and requirement of the house and individual. Now a day’s market offers wide range of bathroom furniture’s which all available in various combinations and colours as per need.


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Acquire insightful information about modern bathroom ideas

You may think that remodeling a bathroom to make it brilliant can be impossible. Fortunately, modernizing bathrooms to make it an exquisite example of home renovation is a simpler task today than before. By collecting various design concepts as well as planning out your bathroom design, you can make your dream come true. When you incorporate modern bathroom designs, ensure that you associate a style which is suitable with your own taste and personality as a theme which is unlikely to appear dated in some years. If you remodel a central bathroom visited by your guests often, and then consider choosing a design which follows the inclusive décor of the home in order to get a flowing style across the guest-friendly rooms.

Modern bathroom concepts

You can consider adding a cool color scheme, wonderful title work and a complete attention to little details that will transform your bathroom to appear as though it was clipped from home remodeling magazine. Feature your vanity counter with a matching mirror and glass countertop and include the design with contemporary square light fixtures, a calming ocean painting and a sleek tub to set a relaxed mood. Integrating the best-selling vanity and a faucet, you can provide a long shape to your bathroom with an ideal tile design at the far wall. Also consider installing white porcelain sink that will complement your bathtub and white toilet, while finishing the cabinet nicely with thick brown wall tiles.


Choosing the furniture

From among the latest trends and design ideas for modern bathroom, you can consider going with appropriate equipment. At present, the market offers incredible bathroom furniture which is available in all colors and styles combinations. It is significant to estimate the most functional and appropriate of them, particularly when you don’t have sufficient space. When your bathroom is big enough, you can delight in the convenience of a bath or shower or both together as they can bring out a great deal of luxury as well as pleasant experienced in your contemporary bathroom design.

On looking at the option of materials, the wooden furniture is common, but is also very vulnerable to moisture. Storing it necessitates more attention and care. Furniture made of glass is amazing, particularly if you desire luxurious bath sets; however it is not suitable when you have children. Materials like metals and plastics are regarded universal and fit for any kind of bathroom setting.



Choosing the décor styles

While you choose the style of décor, go as per your preferences to suit your need and your modern bathroom, converting it into a real oasis, where relaxation and comfort are more than anything. While speaking about modern bathroom design, the interior color scheme must not be overlooked. It is due to the reason that different colors create strong impacts on your sentiments and psyche. Typically, the most preferred bathroom colors include green, blue and white, since they certainly attract a strong sense of elegance and purity. Green possesses such influence, since it is the color of spring, fresh plants and grass. Hence it can exactly fit as a suitable interior color that could bring freshness to contemporary bathroom design. Blue is also preferred in most bathroom setting as the color and its shades certainly invoke creativity and provide a relaxing effect.


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Housekeeping Training: Bathroom

Is cleaning your restroom a consistent bad dream? Though none of us like to clean restrooms, we all want to venture into a clean one. While we burn many dollars in renovating the lavatory according to our tastes and preferences, we don’t contemplate its maintenance. A decent makeover for the washroom must serve the essential purposes of cleanliness and ease of maintenance. This video helps you with simple tips and tricks on cleaning and arranging the stockpile in your bathroom. A decent cleaning arrangement is one which requires minimum time and exertion. This video does show that we must take small bits of bathroom maintenance into our hands.

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How To: Clean Your Bathroom | Quick & Easy | Doppelgänger xx xo

Is cleaning your bathroom a constant nightmare? Let’s admit it, none of us want to clean the bathroom but all of us love to step into a clean one. While we spend hundreds of dollars into remodeling the bathroom as per our tastes and likes, we do not think much about its easy maintenance. A good makeover for the bathroom must consider a very vital point of maintenance and cleanliness. This video below helps you with easy tips and tricks on cleaning and organizing the storage in your bathroom. A good cleaning plan is always one which takes the least amount of time and effort. Any activity that requires you to make extensive preparation is not going to last for long and cleaning a bathroom effectively and easily should not sound like a chore one needs to avoid.

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Design your bathroom in a modern way using various stone ideas

When talked about bathrooms, people often land up having designs with white porcelain or tiles. But if you are ready to experiment and wish to have a modern bathroom in your house then a very best way is to design your bathroom with ideas of stone. Stone is a naturally beautiful product, and hence it is capable of offering your bathroom a naturally beautiful look. 2015-07-22 14-07-46

People hardly think of remodeling their bathroom with stone designs. But stone designs have a number of benefits such as it is a naturally good looking piece. Also, stones are easy to be cleaned up, and it offers a relaxation space for the people living in the house. Stones can be used in all parts of the bathroom such as the floors, walls, and also for sinks and tubs.

When you are coming from a long hard day, you wish to have something relaxing. There cannot be anything more relaxing than rejuvenation in the laps of nature. The stone designs can offer you that feeling to some extent for sure.

Floors and Walls

Giving your bathroom a touch of stone finish is simple by using stones for flooring and also in the walls of the bathroom. You can get well cut flat pieces of stones that can be used for walls and floors. So, as you enter your bathroom, you get a feeling as if you have entered a place that is natural. 2015-07-22 14-18-02

Bath Tubs

Bath Tub is a great method of relaxation if you have time in hand. For a rejuvenated feel, try out bath tubs of various stone designs that can help relax your body and mind. Stones help to keep the water warm for a good time than other materials of which bathtubs are made up. Hence, you can check and choose a wide range of designs and patterns of stone bath tubs. 2015-07-22 14-19-39


While designing and remodeling a bathroom people often overlook the sink. But the sink is actually the most important part of any bathroom. You use it several times a day, and still you forget about giving it a new look. With various stone designs, you can give a new look to this part of the bathroom also.

Vessel Sinks

If you are remodeling your bathroom with stone designs, then you can add a vessel sink to your bathroom. This is a specialty of stone designs and can add a charming beauty to your bathroom. You can also consider flaunting your beautiful looking bathroom with a vessel sink to your friends and family.

Remodeling your bathroom with stone designs is a new and modern approach. It offers your bathroom a new, natural and refreshing feel. The best part about stone designs is that these are manufactured individually by hand, and hence no piece is similar to each other. You will get a unique look in each design. This also gives a natural feel to the stone designed bathrooms. So, if you are looking for a bathroom remodeling design that is modern and unique, then you can consider stone designing.

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How to create a stylish bathroom interior with shower screen

In the last few years, a bathroom has turned into one of the most stylish and uniquely designed rooms in the entire household. There are several things that can be done to a bathroom to give it a unique and stylish look, like the ones from home decor magazines, and honestly speaking, these additions are quite cheap. If you have a plan to give your bathroom a nice fresh look, the best possible and perhaps the cheapest thing that you can do is replace your age old shower curtains with a designer looking and modern shower screen. 2015-06-18 14-20-18


Modern shower screens can be fitted quite easily and are available in a variety of designs and styles so that you can browse through them and look for one that goes with the way your bathroom looks. Perhaps the most popular ones that are sold every hour in the shower screen market are usually made of frameless plain glass with a slight tint or frost in order to ensure anyone’s privacy while taking a shower.

If you have a desire for going for a more luxurious shower screen option, then you can always choose the framed variety of shower screen, which are easy on the sturdiness, but not so easy on the wallet. A shower screen often comes with a handle so that the buyer can quite easily open and close it – but the buyer has to pay a little extra for the handle to be fitted on the frame. But this extra expense is nothing compared to the level of sophistication your bathroom will enjoy. 2015-06-18 14-21-39


When a person is buying a shower screen, perhaps the most important thing to check is the rubber seal’s quality that is responsible for keeping the shower water inside the show cubicle, and prohibiting any sort of water damage on the bathroom floor caused by constant shower leakage. So you see, if you invest a few hundred dollars for a shower screen, you not only give birth to a stylish bathroom interior design, but also protect your floors from severe water damage. It’s a win-win situation on many levels.

When people decide to sell their homes in order to shift to a new home, it is always a smart idea to do certain renovations before selling the home, because it will raise the entire monetary value, and the homeowner can even earn more when he sells his house. Renovations usually include things like repairing damaged walls, re-painting the entire home, changing fixtures and fittings, etc. But perhaps the most important thing that a homeowner can do is add a shower screen to his bathroom to give it a fine look, so that it impresses any buyer, and he can get his desired selling price. 2015-06-18 14-23-25


Installing a shower screen can be difficult, if you are not handy with any tools. If, at any moment, you find any difficulty in the installation process, contact a handyman and ask him to come over. He will install the shower screen in no time, and you can, quite immediately, start enjoying the new and improved look of your bathroom.


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Shower Screen or Frameless Shower Screen? The Choice is Yours


Keeping the house clean and neat all the time takes the toll out of everyone. Every nook and corner of the house has to be cleaned and kept fresh all the time. This includes the bathrooms too.  If the house is huge and there is more than one bathroom then the task of cleaning it becomes even more cumbersome. Imagine a wall splashed with water and soap water all the time and you have the task of cleaning it.

A bathroom is a quiet place where one wants to relax and allow the world to drift away. To create space for you having a shower screen is a very practical choice. The water does not splashland the areas in the bathroom apart from the bathing area are kept dry. The choice can be between framed and frameless shower screens. Framed shower screens can be designed to give form and structure to anchor a shower unit in its bathroom space. The framed shower screens can be customised to the colour scheme of your house.

The screen can be installed on the side of the bathtub hiding the bath tub completely. It can be made in glass and the doors can be made to slide. If one feels claustrophobic then the screen can be placed covering only the shower portion.  The rest of the bath tub can be left open. In case you do not want a glass door screen then there are screens available that can be folded. Once the bath is over they can be folded upwards and clipped to the frame. Even a small bathroom can be made to look spacious this way.

If you are bored of the shower screen which you have been having all these days you can go in for a latest change, i.e. a frameless shower screen. A frameless shower screen is the ultimate statement of luxury in any bathroom. It is elegant and simple in style. There are endless designs and choice depending on your design and operating requirements. It has an enduring elegance.


 Frameless shower screens are designed to enhance the modern look of the bathroom. They can be either a frameless pivot door or sliding door. There are also doors available that swing both in and out.  It is slim and beautiful. Due to its slim perimeter there are no hidden corners. Hence it is easy to clean and maintain. It can be designed based on the customer’s requirement and therefore has design flexibility.  There are establishments that will ensure complete service right from taking measurements to custom manufacture to installing it within the required time. It can be made of glass which is toughened. There are also interchangeable glass panels available.  It can be also made suitable for door less wet area shower. In case you are planning to install one with a Do It Yourself kit there are several available which are standard compliant and there are also shops which sell glass panels and door kits separately.

On the downside, all bathrooms do not have the luxury of unlimited space. In smaller bathrooms pivot doors are not always practical.


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Laying Tiles for a Bathroom – Stylish & Economical

One of the most private areas a human being wishes to spend time is in the bathroom. Emotions are poured out in the privacy of the bathroom, be it happiness or anger or sorrow. Now a place which is so important has to have some comforts so that a person can spend time there. Taking a shower is a major activity in this place and some even have a small stool or chair to sit and read without disturbance.

A rough ground in the bathroom will make it difficult for one to walk on it. Added to it is the disadvantage of slipping on the wet or soapy floor. Also if you want to give a classy look to the bathroom then fixing tiles is the best solution.


There are several options available in terms of determining the size of tiles, its colour, and the quality of the tiles. They can be either ceramic or porcelain. Ceramic tiles are tough, beautiful, and enduring. They have a relatively longer life. They are also fire proof, and do not give out toxic fumes or smoke. They do not burn. They are an excellent choice to use in wet areas as they are moisture resistant. They have less than 0.5%moisture absorption rate. They are anti slip which makes them very suitable for use in the bathroom.


It has easy maintenance as they are stain resistant. Therefore cleaning them is easy and thus hygiene is maintained. They are thermal and shock resistant. The colours do not fade either under exposure to sun or remaining in water. As they do not react to chemicals, corrosion of the tiles does not take place. This keeps the tiles forever smooth.

The second most sought after is the porcelain tiles. They give a very elegant and stylish look to the bathroom. Its glaze makes it even more attractive. Porcelain tiles are both harder and denser, than other tiles. It is frost resistant and often frost proof. It is scratch, moisture and stain resistant. As porcelain is a hard wearing material it is resistant to harsher cleaning agents. Has high break strength. Is aesthetically pleasing to the eyes and therefore is more sought after. As it has low water absorption, when laid on floor less staining occurs and hence easier to clean.

Due to its hard and strong quality it is more durable and lasts a long time even after several years of use. Its beauty does not diminish with years and also with many numbers of people walking over it when laid on floor.

Both ceramic tiles and porcelain are equally tough sturdy and useful. But probably ceramic are a little more economical than porcelain. But porcelain tiles have a very long lasting quality. Hence in the long run it will equally workout economical. Both the tiles can be laid on the floor as well fitted on the walls. A little soapy water or a wet wipe is all it takes to clean the tiles.

If you are looking for a Stylish elegant aesthetic durable bathroom then either ceramic or porcelain tiles is the answer.

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Common plumbing problems and the easy solutions

The plumbing system is an important component of home and business. Be it your residential or commercial property, it needs the best possible care and maintenance. You will be relaxed if your plumbing system is properly working. You need to be alert and know what’s happening inside your drains and pipes. Plumbing problems, such as leaking pipes and clogged drains, can cause damage to your property if left unsolved.

Our everyday life gets affected in case of poor functioning of pipes and drains. Fixing the problem is a must. Whether you’re building a new structure or renovating an existing one, contacting a plumber is the best course of action to ensure your pipes and other plumbing systems are in place and functioning properly.

There are many plumbing agencies in Perth that take care of all your plumbing installation and repair needs. They specialize both in residential and commercial services. They not only install gas and plumbing systems as per the Australian guidelines to ensure customer’s safety and satisfaction but also provide plumbing repair services round the clock. They repair clogged drains and provide annual testing for effective backflow prevention. They cater to all your basic plumbing needs, big or small. It can be a leaking tap or a blocked drain.

Some of the common plumbing problems are blocked drains, burst pipes, leaking tapware and bathrooms etc. Companies are equipped with trained and skilled plumbers to help you out of the plumbing problems. They provide easy solutions by giving Emergency Plumbing Services, repairing of blocked drains, burst pipe repairs, video drain inspection, repairing of leaking taps and toilets & cistern repairs and replacements.

Most of the agencies in Perth provide 24/7 services and at the same time attend emergencies. The plumbers repair and replace all pipe-work and are available across the Perth Metro. They have service vehicles stocked to the roof with all the tools and equipments. This ensures the most of the jobs get done in one visit. The services of such plumbers are prompt. Their service vehicles carry Cash, Credit Card & Eftpos facilities in for easy, on-the-spot payment. All the gas plumbers of a good agency are fully licensed. Perth has fully qualified gas fitters who are familiar with most domestic and commercial gas appliances.

Water leaks can be some of the toughest plumbing issues in the home. There are, however, some basic checks you can do to locate some of the more common leaks. One of the best ways to check if you have a slow leak is to first turn all of your taps off. If your water meter continues to tick over, there’s a leak. The plumbers carry basic leak detection equipment such as a pressure gauge and heat gun, to detect any leakage. Still, if the leakage goes undetected, the agencies recommend and arrange for a leak detection specialist for you. Once the leak is found, their plumbers fix the leak.

So, for a home-owner or a small business; for general maintenance or for a renovation, plumbing and gas repairs, if done timely can save your time and money.


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Why to hire a professional to clean your workplace

Have you ever pondered over how and where you spend most part of your day? In today’s fast paced life, majority of the people spend their time in working. The workplace has almost become a home, where the entire day just rolls by. In such a situation, it is essential that the environment of the workplace is clean and hygienic, to generate a pleasant ambience and a work-friendly culture. A dirty place of work gives birth to thousands of problems, starting from health issues to low morale; and slowly affecting the overall business. Experts opine that office cleaning boosts the esteem of the employees and brings in more productivity.

A clean office is a happy office

Nobody wants to sit or stand beside a garbage bin or a room reeking with bad odour. Imagine if you have to come to office to see dust all over your sitting arrangement and work desk. It is not a sight that employees will like to entertain. Besides causing breathing problem, it will invite unwanted microbes, which can affect your immune system immensely, and lead to lung infection and such other major diseases. A sick employee will either produce less amount of work, or is forced to go on leave, either ways it will have a negative impact on the business. Also, most clients do not want to work with a company, who do not maintain a healthy working environment. A grimy and shabby place gives an impression of unprofessionalism.

Mainly for this reason, companies and larger organizations hire professionals for office cleaning in Melbourne and other big cities, to clean the workplace. A team of cleaning professional will ensure:

  • ·         Regular cleaning and washing
  • ·         Organized handling of the task
  • ·         Expert waste treatment

Expert cleaners are aware of all kinds of workplace waste, and are equipped with the instruments, which are required for the process of cleaning. From walls to glasses to floors, they have a solution for everything. Neither do you have to think of the cleaning material, nor do you have to worry about equipments. With the help of professionals at cleaning companies, you can be sure of health and hygiene, and just focus more on your business.

Cleanliness is a way of life, not just a habit

In a workplace, every individual is different. You may be very picky about being neat, but you cannot force it on the person, who is sitting next to you. Different people have various dirty habits. From a half bitten apple in the drawer to bits of papers lying all over the floor, from chewed gum under the table to unused drinking bottles, dirt can be of various forms. Personal hygiene is extremely crucial.  But at the same time, you have to keep your surroundings clean. Put yourself in the shoes of a prospective client. Will you like to do business with unclean people? Hence it is advisable to keep yourself and your workplace clean. For large scale cleansing, a professional team of cleaners like Meticulous cleaning is your best choice.


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